Influences on self concept

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What Influences Self-Concept?

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Self Concept

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Factors That Shape Children’s Self-Concept Page 1 - Page 2 - Page Subconscious perception of self, self-concept is present in children right from birth, and is influenced by various environmental experiences along with their own motor, cognitive and social skills achieved through the formative years of childhood.

“Cultural Influences on the D evelop men t of Self-Concept: An Update.” The section in the earli er article on strategies for influe ncing self-co ncept rem ains valid. Self-concept is primarily influenced by the interactions people have with important people in their lives.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, self-concept is constructed from the beliefs one holds about oneself and the responses of others.

Factors Influencing The Development Of Self-esteem

According to social identity theory, self-concept is composed. Self concept is made up of factors such as self image, ideal self and self esteem. Haworth et al () suggests that there are numerous factors that can affect your self- concept.

They are age, education, media, appearance, culture, abuse, relationships, gender, and income. A self-concept is an understanding you have of yourself that's based on your personal experiences, body image, the thoughts you have about yourself, and how you tend to label yourself in different situations.

Factors Influencing Self-Concept A person's self concept is continually developing during each life stage and is closely linked to their emotional and social development. Culture The image that you have of yourself today will not be same that you reflect on when you are 40, 60 or 80 years old.

Influences on self concept
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