Force between 2 parralel current carrying

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Now remember we were out the direction by wrapping our academic around it. Journal of a Trapper Or Nine Years Residence among the Rocky Mountains Between the years of and Comprising A general description of the Country, Climate. Watch video · In the last video, we saw that if we have two currents, or two wires carrying current, and the current is going in the same direction, that they'll attract each other.

So the magnitude of the force is force from current 2 on wire 1. The magnitude is times 10 to the minus 2 Newtons. Because we used all the right units. The operational definition of the ampere is based on the force between current-carrying wires. Note that for parallel wires separated by 1 meter with each carrying 1 ampere, the force per meter is.

The force between two parallel currents I 1 size 12{I rSub { size 8{1} } } {} and. I was asked the following management consulting estimation question by a McKinsey interviewer many years ago: "Estimate how long it would take to move or relocate an average size mountain 10 miles using an average size truck" You may NOT ask any clarifying questions.

Direction of the force between two parallel current carrying conductors: The magnetic fields of two straight parallel wires will interact to produce an attractive force if the currents in the wires are in the same direction, and a repulsive force if the currents in the wires are in opposite directions.

This force between two current carrying wires gives rise to the fundamental definition of the Ampère: If two long parallel wires 1 m apart each carry a current of 1 A, then the force per unit length on each wire is 2 .

Force between 2 parralel current carrying
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Magnetic force between two currents going in opposite directions (video) | Khan Academy