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Phil Wickham is the CEO of Kauffman Fellows and Managing Director at Sozo Ventures. He is also a veteran venture investor and startup entrepreneur. He is also a veteran venture investor and startup entrepreneur. Claremont's are proud to announce they are proud Winners of the Business Awards for Dartford.

This is great recognition for the work our teams contribute to the business every day and the ongoing dedication and commitment to our expansion programme. The Rocky Path to My Own Dream. I talk a lot about following your dreams, but I rarely talk openly about what it has been like following mine.

NATURE AND IMPORANCE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP Nature of entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship is the dynamic process of creating wealth, it involves four aspects. Firstly, entrepreneurship involves creating something new of value to the entrepreneur or to the audience. This is a dynamic process of creating incremental wealth.

From the Back Cover. Strategic Entreprenuership. Fourth Edition. Philip A Wickham 'Wickham’s real strength is in offering balanced and clear introductions to a wide range of topics – the text covers more areas than I think any other entrepreneurship .

Entrepreneurship wickham
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