Apache helicopter

An Advanced Multi-role Helicopter

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Rotary Wing: Apache Helicopter

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How Apache Helicopters Work

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The Apache helicopter is a revolutionary development in the history of war.

Boeing AH-64 Apache

It is essentially a flying tank-- a helicopter designed to survive heavy attack and inflict massive damage. It can zero in on specific targets, day or night, even in terrible weather. Two US Army soldiers were killed in an Apache helicopter crash late Friday during routine training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the Army announced Saturday morning.

The two soldiers were members of.

An Advanced Multi-role Helicopter

Apache Corporation is an oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in the United States, Egypt and the United Kingdom North Sea.

November is Military Family Appreciation Month Throughout the month, military families are honored and recognized for their commitment and contributions in support of our military and nation. Check: Boeing AH Apache on Amazon How much does an Apache helicopter cost?

Subsequently, the helicopter unit became part of The Boeing Company with the merger of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas in August

Apache helicopter
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Army IDs 2 soldiers killed in Apache helicopter crash